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Ajay Jha:Since BJP-SS got loss in Mumbai in last Loksabha election, than what is the chance of getting maximum seats and why?
Nitin Gadkari: The Loksabha loss was due to vote splitting by MNS. People know the game now and will make their choices carefully.

Anup A S:Why did the BJP has lost faith in society? Today everyone talks that till the time Atalji was in party...BJP had some vision but now this party is not in sink.....
Nitin Gadkari: We're very much driven by our vision of development and have able leaders to guide us for the future.

Amol: If you form the next goverment, what are the key agendas you will follow which will improve maharashtra's ranking form no 8 state?
Nitin Gadkari: You should refer to our vision document. WE have elaborate plans to ensure that Mahashtra becomes Number 1.

abhishek pandurang surange:my wishes are with your alliance,go grab the assembly with maximum majority my vote and wish are all with you best of luck
Nitin Gadkari: Thank You very much.

kiran kakde:sir what wiil be further planning for reduce unemployment and industrial development?
Nitin Gadkari: Attract capital investment in the state and public private partnership.

Hitesh:if your party come to power, so u will have classes from Narendar modi about the functioning of the government, such as e-governance???
Nitin Gadkari: Modiji has done some great work in Gujrat and we're definitely going to use his thoughts while executing hte development agenda in Maharashtra.

Bharti Chakraborty:I do want to join BJP and help you all in elections but how can we is our problem..!-BHARTI CHAKRABORTTY
Nitin Gadkari: Please get in touch with the local party karyakarta.

Vidyasagar:Saheb, In your rule, Police Department will act as Independent ?
Nitin Gadkari: The liberty provided to the police in our regime led to the maximum number of encounters with criminals and anti social elements. There wasn’t a single riot during our regime. IPS officers, police officers and staff can vouch for us. We have serious plans to upgrade armaments, provide special training, better housing facilities to the police personnel to provide them with a stress-free life.

Kishor M Waghaye :Nitinji Best of luck I am Kishor Waghaye From Lakhani / Sakoli (ABVP) Ham Jarur Jitenge
Nitin Gadkari: thank you.

sumi:Why should one Vote for BJP?
Nitin Gadkari: For the development of maharashtra. For security. For growth. For good governance.

philipsharon:If BJP wins,they have to follow the central government intructions.they have challenges ahead.
Nitin Gadkari: There are different areas of focus for the central nad the state government. Our state government in Gujrat is doing really well despite the central government being of Congress.

waghmare yogesh:What are the chances of BJP- Shiv Sena Winning this election
Nitin Gadkari: Very High.

rajendraprasad khutate,narkhed:what the government is doing about the increasing inflation day by day
Nitin Gadkari: The current govenment hasn't taken effective measures to control inflation. We will ensure that the essential commodities stay within reach of the poor.

minni:Q. 1 > what is your take on the crowd Raj Thakre is attracting in his public meetings ? Q 2 > TV channels are telecasting them live end to end -- is he adding to TRPs or there is something else
Nitin Gadkari: We don't want to comment on this.

Sumit:what are the plans with your party for overall developement of maharashtra(infrastructure, employment, security,effective & speedy governance,marathi) ? how will you implement it?
Nitin Gadkari: Please refer to our vision document which discusses all these plans in elaborate detail.

Anup A S:There has been huge flow of money in and around the Nagpur on the name of MIHAN....Middle class people have invested there life long earnings in lands considering the commitments given by the all party leaders. However, the MIHAN is not taking off....as Central Commission has more interest to setup Cargo Hub in Delhi but not in Nagpur. There are no companies at the moment ready to start their centers in Nagpur(MIHAN)....Not even fifty percent land is acquired by business houses..but still picture has been created as that its Huge project(it may be..but not right now) What plans do you have to uplift the Nagpur city.
Nitin Gadkari: We're committed to pushing the completion of MIHAAN.

saurabh:losts of new colleges are comming up .every year lacs of students graduate.Where will be they absorbed?
Nitin Gadkari: We'll work on creating huge employment opportunities for all these graduates with public private partnership and private investment in the state.

Rao:Dear Nitin ji, What will be your steps towards completion of Mihan project in nagpur which started under BJP regime. And for increasing the Employement opportunities in Nagpur because due to less opportunities jobseekers are forced to migrate to other states or place.
Nitin Gadkari: We'll do eveyrthing necessary to complete Mihan, including fund allocation and removing all hurdles on the way. We'll attract investors to generate employment.

Anand Dongaonkar:Sir, I feel the BJP should have been more aggressive in its campaigning.
Nitin Gadkari: WE're trying our best.

Bhavesh:Sir do you think that the Yuti will win this time mainly because of its performance in the rural areas rather than urban areas
Nitin Gadkari: We'll perform well in both rural and urban areas.

R D:This region will not develop until the formation of a seperate state. Will Vidarbha Ever be seperate state?
Nitin Gadkari: That's an issue for the central government to address. If we come into power, we'll discuss with the center and arrive at a solution.

kishor ramtekkar:will you ban liquor throughout maharashtra if you won the election?
Nitin Gadkari: Banning liquor is not the solution. We need to create awareness about its ill effects. Education will solve this problem.

SAMIR M GHATAME:Sir,do u think MNS is a deciding factor? MNS marathi agenda is worth for a marathi manus? Secondly how u see the future of nagpur and its near by area i.e.kamptee road,amravati road,bhandara road ?
Nitin Gadkari: It is far from being a deciding factor.

Sumit:Hello sir, what will you do if come in power to tackle the maoist naxalwad problem we facing today?
Nitin Gadkari: We have clear plans on the same, as answered earlier.

suhasreddy peddawad:suhas reddy: will rule Right to job forthcoming government of BJP & SS?
Nitin Gadkari: We're committed to providing employment opportunities to everyone.

sandeep tiwari:if u come in power ,what ur plan for solving loadshading issue
Nitin Gadkari: Our vision is to make maharashtra a loadshedding-free state. Specific plans for the same are included in our vision document.

sunil Mishra :what is the future of BJP in Maharashtra after election
Nitin Gadkari: We'll be in power along with our alliance partners and work towards the development of maharashtra.

ANURAG RAMTEKKAR:from the last one year smoking is banned in public places but don't you think it is not been strictly regulated??? what will you do to avoid such nuisance??
Nitin Gadkari: We will ensure that the administration needs pays attention to the following of rules.

Girish:Sir, Farmes Sucide and failure of system on 26/11 is big shame to our country and contrymen (except for people in power as they are yet even feel anything!!). What is your party's commitment to these Two main areas? Can put it up clearly so that effort and investment is measured.
Nitin Gadkari: Certainly, 26/11 and farmer suicies are a shame on the current government. We are committed to attending to these on the highest priority.

Gopal Sarawade:Dear nitinji,BJP is not 100% ready for this election.are there no any leader to increase the moral of BJP? like vajpayeeji,pramodji.
Nitin Gadkari: We have several able leaders guiding us and with their support, we will surely win these electiosn and come to power.

sumit:what is ur plan for encouragement of sports. It is so costly affair to enroll to reputed academies for sports ....does Govt have any plan whereby professional training can be given with a view to get children into sports and make them champions in 2015-2020
Nitin Gadkari: Certainly, that's an important area to focus on and we have it in our plans to enable wholesome development.

aniruddha pandurang surange:hello sir,my questn to you is why do you think that people should vote to your bjp-sena alliance? and which according to you is biggest threat to your alliance other than congress-ncp?is it mns??????
Nitin Gadkari: You should vote for our development agenda. We don't feel threatened by the opposition parties.

saurabh:what are you going to do to increase security so there is no 26/11 again ?
Nitin Gadkari: We have elaborate plans including training polices forces, upgradation of equipment and use of various technologies to improve vigilance. Also improvement in co-ordination between state and central agencies is important.

Ashutosh Dabholkar:A very Important Issue of Spoiling Environment is very much ignored by all parties,; What is your view and action on this ?
Nitin Gadkari: We need to look at development in a wholesome way, and our plans to tap unconventional sources of energy are a part of our concern towards the environment.

Amol:How you'll perform in Mumbai considering MNS factor
Nitin Gadkari: People know now that a vote to MNS is a vote to the congress. They will not repeat the mistake again.

ayaj sheikh:hello sir if BJP wins should it solve unemployment?????????????
Nitin Gadkari: We have several plans to improve employment opportunities, via capital investment and public private partnership.

Seema Tiwari:good morning sir, i am from Nagpur. What are your plans for increasing problem of inflation in all areas, which is making life more difficult to live?
Nitin Gadkari: We had kept hte price of essential commodities constant during our last regime. WE promise to do the same if we're voted to power.

Krishna:Sir hope your party will come to power and we will be able to discuss the development promises made in the same forum next year..
Nitin Gadkari: Thank you, We will surely try for that.

rahul:hello sir i really respect you but i have que in my mind always as bjp not getting loksabha seat from nagpur why dont you try for it?
Nitin Gadkari: My objective is to get the BJP-SS alliance to power and not an individual seat for myself.

Anup A S:What made you think that BJP-Shivsena alliance will win assembly elections after defeat in Parliament?
Nitin Gadkari: In place of talking about Parliamentary elections, we will focus on State elections. I believe our chances to win are very high because of our image and perforamnce of current government.

sanjay D katyarmal:Are u involved technocrats in thought process on Rural sector? How u balanced Urban & Rural progress in of dev. work, sanitation,ws,swm,education,life style? thank u sir. BEST OF LUCK. sanjay katyarmal
Nitin Gadkari: You can see our vision statement that shows plans for hte next 10 years. We have several technocrats contributing to our planning process.

ayaj sheikh:sir should ur party try to stop the farmers suiside by providing them some facilities????????????
Nitin Gadkari: Certainly. We have answered this before, it's a priority area for us.

Ganesh Dhotre:Slums are a major problem in large cities. Dirty, overcrowded, and lacking basic resources. I suggest building high rises as they can hold more people, and by building upward it takes less surface area/land. Your thoughts?
Nitin Gadkari: A detailed plan for employemnt opportunities in rural maharashtra and development of various cities across maharashtra has been defined in our vision statement. I think this should contain migration and reduce load on the cities.

saurabh:there are plans to open IITs and IIMs but none in vidarbha...why? what will u do to bring them to the region?
Nitin Gadkari: We'll work towards creating world class education and employability enhancement in the region.

sameer Kulaspurkar:Hello Sir, Let Me first congratulate you for this unique why or Mode of “Prachar” , When we refer Election Manifesto of your party there are lots of “Ashvasanas” ie the outflow of Funds ie which will be Expenditure part of Government if your party come in the power but for meeting these expenditure from where revenue will be generated and there will no scope for Major economic growth for recent future say for 1 to 2 year?? What will be the action plan for revenue generation to meet this expenditure?????
Nitin Gadkari: Firstly, Thank You to bring this question. All our plans are backed with revenue and fund generation models to cover their cost. As a PWD minister, I have proved that 55 bridges can be built with Public private participation without any load on the state exchequerer.

saurabh:any plans to encourage young enturpreneurs....?
Nitin Gadkari: Yes very much, including soft loans and a conducive environment to facilitate entrepreneurship.

MAMTA CHINCHWADKAR:1)What are your instructions to your party workers to ensure that your voters come out their homes and go for polling ? 2) What plans do you have to make Maharashtra a Load-shedding free state ?
Nitin Gadkari: All party leaders have tried to reach the masses in last four months, including door to door campaigns by party workers at all levels. About power, we need to look at alternative sources of electricity and tap them.

Sahilesh Ambre:Why you think that we have to cast our valuable vote to only bjp?
Nitin Gadkari: For our commitment to development and past track record of performance.

sandeepbhalla:what do u feel are raj thackerays MNS chances in the elections ? how many seats would MNS get
Nitin Gadkari: Very Low.

sumit:what is ur say on Mills Land been taken over by builders and millworkers getting displaced ...the entire landscape has changed and people are unemployed. what will you do in this regard
Nitin Gadkari: Evne after court orders, the govt. has not followed. And unfortunately the people haven't been given their basic dues. We're committed to give them justice.

mangesh mane:hello sir i m from magadhane ward no 10 yuva morch presidant BJP (MANGESH PRABHAKAR MANE) Best Of Luck from our side & we have to win this election
Nitin Gadkari: Thank You!

Avinash:avinash- how many BJP seats chance to win in vidhansabha election?
Nitin Gadkari: 160+

sanjay D katyarmal:Do u wish ,that there shold be representation of ENGINEERS in assembly like teacher, dr like that?
Nitin Gadkari: WE have ample engineers in the assembly. I'm not an engineer but I'm featured in Limca book of records for maximum use of concrete bridges.

sagar pande:what is your vision about nagpur-2014
Nitin Gadkari: One of the best cities of India. Healthcare, Education / Infrastructure, employment opportunities, security of citizens, connectivity will be our priority.

R D:Will the region of Vidarbha ever see a brighter future or will everything keep going to Mumbai and Konkan?
Nitin Gadkari: We are committed to the development of each part of maharashtra.

saurabh shukla:Nitin sir,is there any chance for running metro train in nagpur.If yes,so when it should be started
Nitin Gadkari: WE have detailed plan for overall mass rapid transit systems, not only for nagpur but all major cities in maharashtra. Our past record of 55 flyovers to decongest mumbai, is a proof of the same.

venu:Hello Gadkari, What is your strategy for the maharashtra Assmbly polls. How you are going to beat the Congress and NCP combine , are you depending on anti incumbency or do you have any strategy for the polls.
Nitin Gadkari: We will win on our own agenda and past performance of our regimes. It is also true that the current regime will lose because of hteir pathetic performance and their in-fights. people havne't forgotten november 08 attacks, inflation, deaths of farmers.

Chinmay:Nitinji, What do you think of MNS??? How many seats will MNS bag???
Nitin Gadkari: Very low. People know their game now.

Haroon Shaikh:Good Morning Sir, This time we will back in power sir. The congress as cheated Muslim. According to me all Hindu & Muslim should come together & fight with this congress & throw them out. Thanks & Regards Haroon Shaikh
Nitin Gadkari: We agree with you. They treat muslims only as votebank. We should all work towards taking power away from congress and ACTUALLY improve things for the muslims of the country.

sachin burange:Everything is in nagpur, then why nagpur is not IT hub like pune or mumbai why always nagpur janata has to relocate to pune or mumbai ?
Nitin Gadkari: IN our regime, we have started a technology park in Nagpur, we wish to bring IT to six zonal HQs of Maharashtra.

Anand Dongaonkar:Do you have any policy plan for physically handicapped persons of the state?
Nitin Gadkari: Unfortunately, current congress govt. has shown apathy towards our brothers with different abilities. AS a party, we have definite plans and policies for special education, employability enhancement and elimination of hurdles.

ramkishor:NItinji what's your plan in future for poor educated student?
Nitin Gadkari: wE believe that, as a socially sovereign welfare state, it is the duty of the govt. to provide affordable higher education with employment orientation and free primary education.

DTIngole:You are the master mind behind MIHAN at Nagpur. Do you have similar plan for Amravati (Second largest city in Vidarbha)?
Nitin Gadkari: If you see our vision document, we have penned down specific plans for every region and district, covering reduction of migration and develpment at all levels. We'll make sure opportunities for employment, infrastructure for irrigation and conducive environment for industry is created in all districts of maharashtra. It is our promise.

dd:How many seats does BJP expect to win?
Nitin Gadkari: 160+ along with our alliance partners.

gaurav:what are your future plans for education problem in maharashtra????
Nitin Gadkari: We have already answered. It's one of our primary focus areas.

shashi puram:what is your planning regardng youth development and party workers who r working for the party since several years Shashi Puram
Nitin Gadkari: We have strong rank of young leaders in our party.

akash bagul:what had opposition done on corruption
Nitin Gadkari: Corruption is such an issue that everybody suffers from it. It is not the responsibility of only a political party, but all of us need to play a role to eliminate this menace.

Ashish Mahajan:Dear Nitinji, we r waiting 4 ''Shivshahi'', & you as ''Janta Raja'', who has vision to develope the state in every sector. we need another Gujrat regarding development. What is ur preparation abt ''Vibrant Maharashtra''? how u can implement ''Rain Water Harvesting System'' to solve water problem? Solar & Wind energy generation? Agricultural development & irregation. Bio-Desiel generation? Please Comment, All the Best, for our Sarkar
Nitin Gadkari: All these thoughts are included in our vision document, which gives a clear picture on these plans. Please refer to the same.

Ajay Jha:Hello Sir, What is your stand on MLA having a criminal background. As per the reports Shiv sena has given a ticket to 69% of them having criminal background and BJP 60%, also the BJP-SS stand last in graduate members. If this the stand than how will you promote education if our MLA is not graduate.
Nitin Gadkari: It is not true.

Sachin Moon:Good Morning Sir, Wish u very very Happy Dipawali - From Sachin Nagpur
Nitin Gadkari: Thanks

Venkat:Dear Sir, I pray for BJP's success and hope that BJP gets more stronger in Maharashtra, AP, WB and other states.
Nitin Gadkari: Thanks

Nirjesh Verma:Sirji what are the planning to devoloping Tumsar (Bhandara) ....Hema Nirjesh Verma
Nitin Gadkari: We have set up specific plans and roadmaps for the entire state, including bhandara.

Sunil Mishra:how you take the issues of Marathis & non Marathis?
Nitin Gadkari: This is not an issue for us.

Kevin G:But Marathi vote was divided due to MNS in loksabha elections , so this time also the marathi votes will be divided , so wont it affect SS in no of seats?
Nitin Gadkari: The people know their interest better. They have learnt hte lesson in the Loksabha election that a vote for MNS is a vote for Congress. We're confident that they'll make hte right choices this time.

marathi manoos:Dear Sir, Why should a marathi manoos vote for you in this election?
Nitin Gadkari: For development and growth of Maharashtra

shrinivasa M:Is it true that BJP organisation is very weak in Maharastra compared to COngress and other parties?
Nitin Gadkari: NO, absolutely not, we have constituted organization till the booth level in 99% of the constituencies. Senior Leaders and party workers are working very hard to reach to every citizen.

Vishwas:Dear Nitinji, What your govt do to uplift the standard of Mumbai in your last regime.
Nitin Gadkari: We built 55 Flyovers to decongest Mumbai, brought to reality the Mumbai Pune expressway, initiated the Bandra Worli sea link project, proposed waterways and many other initiatives on infrastructure. If voted to power, we’d work to reduce the time from Borivli to Nariman Point to 25-30 mins.

saurabh:what about naxalite issue in gadchilori....?
Nitin Gadkari: They'd be tackled very strongly. We will create employment opportunities and improve facilities of education - the basic reasons for naxalism.

Amol Ashok Mulmule:How are u taking help from R.S.S.karykartas for election?
Nitin Gadkari: RSS is not a politicla organization. But with their political and social consciousness, hence they proactively help us. There is no mechanism for this purpose.

Krishna:How would you rate the Congress Govt with Vilasrao Deshmukh and post Vilasrao Deshmukh?
Nitin Gadkari: Very Low. They're playing their last innings. We will be back in power with thumping majority.

Ajay Jha:Hello Sir, BJP-SS government will take control on inflation.
Nitin Gadkari: In our regime, we’d kept the prices of 5 essential commodities – wheat, rice, sugar, dal and oil as fixed through the entire five years. We assure that it would be maintained thus, under the PDS.

Krishna:Does BJP have a clear cut plan on securing Maharastra's coastal line?
Nitin Gadkari: Improve co-ordination between central nad state agencies, usage of satellite technology and intelligence to constantly monitor the coast line. Identification of fishermen via smart cards, and equipping hte police with fast motorboats are some of hte other plans

kishor ramtekkar:do you have any big plan to develop nagpur city?
Nitin Gadkari: IN our regime, we have started a technology park in Nagpur, we wish to bring IT to six zonal HQs of Maharashtra. WE have stated our commitment to employment generation and capital investment in maharashtra.

aarti sondkar:namaskar how you will deal with the growing population of MUMBAI?
Nitin Gadkari: WE'll create opportunities at the village level and once such opportunities are created, I believe the migration should reduce. Unfortunately, the growth pace which we had increased in our regime, hasn't been continued. WE're committed to create infrastructure, sufficient electricity, so that rural industries will get a boost.

manoj:What's your vision for the future of small scale industries in maharashtra?
Nitin Gadkari: We'd be providing soft loans for investments and create a conducive environment for survival and growth of SMEs.

sheetal:Hello sir...does BJP has any plans of constructing hospitals and providing medical facilities at affordable prices.....
Nitin Gadkari: Health is government’s responsibility and we’re committed to provide health services to the each and every citizen of Maharashtra.

sumit:why is maharashtra now 8th ranked ....why are no new projects coming in.
Nitin Gadkari: Current congress regime has failed utterly on all counts. They're more keen on development of their own house, rather than people. BJP in its past regime, has proved its credentials and the current regime from No.1 to No. 8. We're going ot bring it back.

Ankur G:The farmer suicides haven't been addressed in a satisfactory manner, what are you going to do about that?
Nitin Gadkari: The key reasons for hte suicides will be eliminated. farmers will get due price for their crops. 50% state and 50% central funds will be used to make farming a viable business. Resources like water, good seeds, training and market access will be made available to the farmers. We're committed to provide proper storage, loan facilities to farmers.

Deepak Pohekar:What will be the rebel candidate. How many constituency will be affected by rebelion
Nitin Gadkari: No. except one or two places, we don’t expect much harm from rebels.

Jasmeet W:While mumbai was facing water shortage, we had floods in some other parts of the state.. any thoughts on managing water better?
Nitin Gadkari: It's included specifically in our vision document. We're looking at options in desalination and look at alternative sources. WE're committed to provide water for one and all.

Santosh G:What's your vision for the future of primary education in maharashtra?
Nitin Gadkari: Primary education will be compulsory, we will try to provide all necessary infrastructure, facilities. etc.

Saravana:Incase of hung verdict I belive you can be a CM with the support of both Udhav and Raj. Do you think this as a real alternative.
Nitin Gadkari: I'm not very keen on to be CM, but more keen on bringing BJP-SS to power. CM and Deputy CM would be decided by party leaders.

Mahesh:Nitinji. There is a lot of talk about infighting between You and Gopinath Mundeji. Is that true? Dont you think infighting will only lead to bad results like was evident from the Lok Sabha elections this year?
Nitin Gadkari: Mundeji is a senior leader of our party and we all work with his guidance. The results of state elections would be for everyone to see.

sanjeev:BJP definitely has a good chance of winning in the next election. People are fed up of the non-performer government of cong-ncp. The current government has nothing to show as thier achievement except price rise, terrorism, farmer sucides etc.. Here is my guess - SS - 80 Seats and BJP - 60 seats. They will get support of independents and will form the government.
Nitin Gadkari: Thank you for your wishes.

Ashok Jain:What are the chances of BJP- Shiv Sena Winning this election
Nitin Gadkari: Very High. We're confident of winning 160+ seats with our alliance partners.

Chat Master

Nitin Gadkari

BJP President, Maharashtra

An M. Com., L.L.B., Gadkari was elected to the Legislative Council in 1989 from Nagpur Region. He was inducted in the Maharashtra government as the Minister for Public Works in 1995. He has also served as the leader of the Opposition in the Maharashtra Legislative Council.


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