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You can also mail us at zindagilive@ibnlive.com

Topic you can share with us

Currently we are working on the following topics. If you want to share your story please do so in the form provided on the left:

  1. Single fathers
  2. Parents of autistic children
  3. Domestic violence against husbands
  4. Cases of medical negligence
  5. Breast cancer
  6. Family member missing for years

About Zindagi Live

IBN 7 is all set to add another show to its already extensive programming line-up. 'Zindagi Live', is a talk show with a difference. With a high human and emotional quotient it revolves around the real life stories of everyday people. 'Zindagi Live' is a platform for victims of circumstances who have bravely faced adversities to become survivors and is therefore also a testimony of their journey in doing so. The show host Richa Anirudh, joined by a panel of experts, will hold candid discussions with her guests to bring forth their personal struggles to sensitise and touch the viewers on various significant social issues. Beginning September 9, 'Zindagi Live' will air every Sunday at 10 am and 8 pm only on IBN 7.

A show unlike any other of its kind on Hindi news television, 'Zindagi Live' is not a debate session over the topic at hand, but an attempt to re-tell the story from the perspective of those who have experienced it first hand and have chosen life over defeat! Each episode will focus on issues like divorce, alcoholism, obesity and AIDS among others that are increasingly prevalent in our society yet no one really wants to talk about them. The personal accounts will be accompanied by interesting facts; trivia and statistics to further enhance viewer knowledge on the subject.

'Zindagi Live' is a poignant testimony of those willing to openly talk about their experiences and share with the viewers their struggles and triumphs and become sources of inspiration for others like them.

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