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India's first world-class Marathi channel was launched on the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padva, the Maharashtrian New Year, on Sunday.

Great Bhet with Sadashiv Amrapurkar

He's Bollywood's very own evil landlord. But apart from playing the baddie for the last three decades, Sadashiv Amrapurkar has also tickled our funny bone in many Hindi and Marathi films. We've all seen Amrapurkar- the Actor. IBN Lokmat now brings you Amrapurkar- the person. 


KAMAT'S HOTEL: Vithal Kamat speaks about how he built his hotel.

Great Bhet with Vitthal Kamat

Vitthal Kamat is the first and the only Maharashtrian, who owns a five star hotel. He tells his fascinating story from 'Idli' to 'Orchid'.


THE PM'S MAN: Prithviraj Chavan tells IBNLokmat his plan for 2009 polls.

Candid Chavan: the Minister behind the Prime Minister

Minister of State Prithviraj Chavan explains how govt won trust vote.


CITY CHECK-UP: Does Pune have enough to be called a great city?

Pune lacks nothing? Myth or fact still

City polluted, plagued by power cuts, and pollution.


LAUGH RIOT: Johny Lever tells IBN Lokmat how he makes the world laugh.

Johny Mera Naam: meet the king of comedy

Johny Lever talks to IBN Lokmat's Priyadarshan Jadhav.


SECRET PLEASURE: A milestone in Maharashtra's tourism map.

Fun at Anjanwel: a hidden tourist spot

Visit an invisible spot on the tourist map of Maharashtra.


SINGER'S SECRET: Hariharan reveals the muse behind his music.

Getting musical with singer Hariharan

The musician speaks on the success of Colonial Cousins.


PRAWN-FARMING: Manoj Sharma, who's brought a revolution in aquaculture shares his experiences.

The Blue Revolution

Manoj Sharma, who brought a revolution in aquaculture says prawn farming isn't easy.


PROLIFIC SINGER: Shankar Mahadevan has lent his melodious voice to several Marathi songs.

Great Bhet with Shankar Mahadevan

IBN Lokmat's Editor-in-Chief in conversation with the pukka Mumbaikar.


REVISIT TO 7/11: There are many who still hear the sound of the blasts.

Scarred Forever

A revisit to the families who can still feel the pain of 7/11 blasts.


BARDHAN'S TAKE ON N-DEAL: Known for his political acumen and integrity, Bardhan talks about N-deal.

Bardhan No Bar

A B Bardhan General Secretary CPI gives his views on nuclear deal.


COOL SCHOOLS: There are some schools in Maharashtra where exams are not held.

Masti ki Pathshala

Maharashtra has some fun schools where there are no exams.

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