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Devil's Advocate: in conversation with J&K interlocutors

On this week\'s episode of Devil\'s Advocate Karan Thapar talk with the J&K interlocutors on the pressing political issue that Kashmir has become.


There's always hope: Farooq Abdullah

On this episode of Devil\'s Advocate, catch National Conference President and Union Cabinet Minister Farooq Abdullah discuss the situation in Kashmir and why he believes that there\'s hope for the Valley.


India is a corporate, Hindu state: Arundhati

Speaking to Karan Thapar on Devil\'s Advocate, the Booker Prize winning author said the Indian state was not a just state.


Don't judge CWG beforehand: Mike Hooper

On Devil\'s Advocate, Karan Thapar spoke to CWG Federation CEO Mike Hooper on Delhi\'s preparedness for the games.


Two Englishmen discuss their views on CWG

In conversation with Karan Thapar, author-historian William Dalrymple and author-journalist Mark Tully share their views on what they think would become of the Commonwealth Games.


Every Indian will be literate by 2020: Sibal

Speaking to Karan Thapar on Devil\'s Advocate, Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal said the responsibility of implementing the Right to Education lies with all the stakeholders.


India understands Pak best: Nirupama Rao

Pakistan cannot be given a \'blank cheque\' but India can\'t afford to avoid dialogue, says India\'s Foreign Secretary.


I have done well despite workload: Pawar

Agriculture Minister tells Karan Thapar on \'Devil\'s Advocate\' he isn\'t shirking work but wants burden reduced.


Omar must get grip on administration: Farooq

Crisis in Valley caused by feeling of frustration among the youth, says Union Minister on Devil\'s Advocate.


Devil's Advocate: Montek on Left, Kamal Nath

Planning Commission deputy chairperson explains the logic behind raising prices of petrol, diesel.


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