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WHO SCANDAL? Experts now say that the classic flu causes more deaths than swine flu.

WHO SCANDAL? Experts now say that the classic flu causes more deaths than swine flu.

WHO exaggerated H1N1 to benefit pharma cos?

Was the swine flu scare exaggerated to benefit pharma companies? Evidence has surfaced that several members of the World Health Organisation's (WHO) vaccine board - which pushed countries to buy the H1N1 vaccine - have had significant ties with pharma companies. This has given rise to speculation that the swine flu was a false pandemic, orchestrated by drug companies looking pull in large profits from the vaccines. 


TACKLING H1N1: The study was carried in 10 Spanish hospitals during the first pandemic wave in July-Aug 2009.

Clues found why H1N1 virus kills

The high levels of Interleukin-17 would indicate a failure of the immune system.


NEW HIGH: Delhi recorded 136 new cases of swine flu on Tuesday, of which 78 were children.

India's swine flu toll 730; over 22,000 affected

Eleven deaths occurred in Haryana due to swine flu in the last 10 days.


PREVENTION: Azad says the timings of the availability of the vaccine will depend on various factors.

Government in talks to import swine flu vaccine

The Government anticipating early release of foreign made vaccines.


H1N1 EXPLOSION: Constant migrant population in the city can also lead to a greater viral load.

H1N1 virus hits Delhi with renewed vigour

Delhi has seen a surge of H1N1 cases in the past one week.


WINTER WOES: H1N1 has hit Delhi with renewed vengeance and 437 cases have been reported in three days.

Delhi witnesses surge in H1N1 cases

Doctors say that they were expecting to see a spurt in cases this winter.


FLU RISING: 144 new cases were reported in the country.

Nine more swine flu deaths; India's toll 627

The number of people affected with the virus in Delhi is now the highest.


DREADED FEAR: The safety about the swine flu vaccine is in question.

Watch: Severe side-effects of H1N1 vaccine reported

Doctors in Canada have been told to stop using one batch of the vaccine.


FLU LESS? Modi started showing signs of cold and cough since Thursday.

Narendra Modi tests positive for swine flu

Narendra Modi returned from Russia on Wednesday and insisted on a test.


UNDER THE COVERS: As many as 93 fresh cases of H1N1 were reported across the country Monday.

Two swine flu deaths take India's toll to 415

One death was reported from Pune and the other was reported from Himachal.


TAKING PRECAUTIONS: A kids wears a mask to protect himself from swine flu.

Swine flu named 2009's most politically incorrect word

The other words in the list are - saint, minority and green revolution.


TAKING PRECAUTIONS: A girl receives a dose of the swine flu nasal spray vaccine at a school in Okla.

Swine flu killed over 4,700 people worldwide: WHO

In a latest update, WHO said that of all the deaths 3,406 occurred in the US.

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